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Manhattan Beach Short SalesThe term "short" describes a property type that indicates a homeowner must convince the bank to take a reduced principle payoff on either the first or second lien to sell. 

With prices rising over 10% year over year in Manhattan Beach in 2012, under water homeowners are starting to find themselves in the black on their mortgages again. Buying Manhattan Beach short sales takes a lot of hard work and we recommend hiring a market professional to help guide you.

Interested in buying a Manhattan Beach short sale? Thinking about short selling your home in the area? Just ask or give us a call directly at (310) 808-3247, we are here to help. Continue reading and receieve additional information about short sales.

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More Short Sale Manhattan Beach Information

Short Sales In Manhattan BeachLenders across the country are becoming more flexible during the past fews years allowing home owners in the luxury space to modify the terms of their loan and even reduce the principle balance in some cases. Thus reducing the amount of short sales that actually make it to the market in the Manhattan Beach marketplace.

Lenders are not in the business to hold real estate or buy and sell properties. There main focus has always been to make the mortgage current and receive interest on the note for their investors. But not all homeowners qualify for loan modifications or priciple reductions.

This is where we come in. Matt Pernice of NW Real Estate Brokers has been successfully closing short sale transactions for the past 8 years and would love to help. See some of our happy customers on our testimonial page.

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