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Matt is amazing. Simply put. He is incredibly knowledgeable about real estate and the market. I couldn't have asked for a better guide. He is someone who I could trust from the very beginning and knows how important trust is when it comes to money and investments. Mary and Donnie
Represented us on a purchase of an oceanview townhouse in Manhattan Beach for $1,700,000.

My wife and I have been coming to Manhattan Beach, CA for nearly 10 years and we love the area. We had been thinking about buying a place there as a second home for a few years. This past summer of 2011, we finally got serious about it and decided to work with a realtor. We were introduced to Matt Pernice of NW Real Estate Brokers, and we immediately knew we were in good hands. Matt first walked us through the process, interviewing us on what we wanted and what we thought we needed in a home.

Over the next few months we were shown a good number of homes, without pressure from Matt. He was quick to point out shortcomings of the properties as well as the good things, advising us as to what we might consider, and ideas related to resale, renting and quality. There were several homes we really liked and Matt basically told us that we needed to wait until we found "the one" and that was great advice.  A few days before we were to return to our home in Texas, Matt called and said, "I just heard of a home going on the market tomorrow, and I want you to be the first to see it, when can you go look at it?". Less than 24 hours later we had made an offer on the house, and less than 30 days later we had the keys in our hands.

I'm in my 50's and we have bought numerous homes prior to this and Matt made this process of shopping for houses in Manhattan Beach very easy and pleasant. Matt was always professional and always quick to respond. My wife and I would recommend Matt Pernice to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the South Bay area. We look forward to spending more time in beautiful Manhattan Beach over the next few years and we look forward to seeing Matt and his growing family as well. Mike and Tina Young
Represented us on a duplex in Manhattan Beach

Matt is fantastic. He recently helped my husband and I buy a property in Manhattan Beach. We met Matt at a property viewing and were so impressed that we asked him to represent us. He had expert knowledge of the local market and did a great job in walking us through all aspects of the transaction. Matt is truly awesome and we would love to work with him again. Jessica M.
I have worked with Matt Pernice now for nearly 7 years. I have assisted him with getting his clients financed. I know a realtor is good when he makes my job easy. He always knows everything about what the client is looking for. I have never known Matt to be one to push people into a home that they do not want.

He is always familiar with what the client can afford and has knowledge in all aspects of the real estate business. He understands what to look for and more importantly how to negotiate using the best tools possible. He is always ahead of the game by using the best technology in the industry. I have closed more than 100 transactions with Matt and looking forward to the next 1000. Dennis Oleesky

Our search was west of Sepulveda as first time buyers in Manhattan Beach.  Matt was a true professional from start to finish.  For those in the market, here are the challenges we faced trying to find a place in Manhattan Beach.  

First, deciding what you want.  We thought that MB was a small beach town that was pretty basic.  We soon realized that, in spite of its size, buying in MB means making a lot of choices: how close to you want to be to the beach?  Do you want a yard and a street for kids to play, or an awesome view?  Do you want a view, a big back yard, or both?  SFR or townhouse? Etc.   We found that Matt was very helpful in guiding us to the right places that fit what we wanted.  And as we got to know MB more, and what we wanted changed, Matt focused our time and attention on what was important to us.

Second, geography.  Manhattan Beach is very small, very dense, and incredibly specific, so much so that it often reminded us of the “other” Manhattan, where a few blocks or a specific building can make all the difference in the world.  In the intense geography of MB, prices, views, comps, zoning, construction past/present/and future can all change on a street by street basis.  Are your views block-able or un-block-able?  If block-able, who can block them, how much can they be blocked, and what are the odds of that happening given who currently resides there?  Is the street quiet or busy?  Is it a “street" or a “place" and what does that mean? What is the difference between full, 2/3rd, and half lots – and how much does that matter to you?  When will the city bury those above ground power lines? You’ll face these and a hundred other questions.  Matt’s level of expertise never ceased to impress us.  He understands MB on a street by street, even house by house basis.  He could tell us what was going up, what had come down; what it sold for; what it would be worth as a rental or a resale; and so on.   He is quite straightforward and direct, which we really valued.  We never felt he was trying to push us into any old place to make a sale.  If he didn’t think a place was right for us, he’d let us know!  

Third, present and future use.  MB seems to be in a state of constant change.  Everywhere you look, houses that were  rebuilt 10-15  years ago are getting rebuilt again.  Matt not only guided us to the right places, he provided us with insight and information on current trends and future potential.  If we wanted to remodel or rework: what could we do, how could we do it, how long would it take, and where was the market trending.  He was able to give us advice as  homeowners looking to raise a family and enjoy the beach, and as investors looking to sell in the future.  Matt was also able to connect us with contractors, subs, painters, electricians, etc. — whatever was needed.  

Fourth, persistence, patience, and enthusiasm.  Our MB search took 10+ months and coincided with a surge in the market and scarce inventory.  We had our share of houses we went after, but didn’t get.  Even if we were ready to give up, he wasn’t.  Matt never gave up and continually brought us new opportunities, each one as enthusiastic as the first.   He knew we truly wanted a place in MB — and his enthusiasm kept us going.  We started feeling bad for his family, since he’s almost always available on the phone, day or night!  It is worth remembering that a real estate agent works almost entirely on speculation — he (or she) has no guarantee that you will ever buy anything.  But he never gave up on us, and we ended up with a fabulous place.

Fifth, the dealmaking process.  This is probably true for any “hot” area, but it’s worth mentioning here.  From a buyer’s perspective, Matt is an aggressive negotiator and also a dealmaker who sees the big picture: how much do you want the house and what is it going to take to get it for you. 

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the house we got — and we know we wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for him.  If you are looking to buy in MB, be aware of its complexities and difficulties, and the need to have a really great agent get you through it.  We couldn’t recommend Matt more highly.  

Marcia & Bennett Schneir
Represented us on a purchase in the Manhattan Beach Tree Section. Matt Pernice was always there for us in the purchase of our home.  We appreciate his trustworthiness, knowledge of the market, and ability to keep us focused.  Matt is a good negotiator who didn’t get flustered at all when some unexpected things came up.   We recommend Matt without hesitation. Dan and Terry
Purchased a Manhattan Beach townhouse in the Sand Section for $2,325,000.

Our family was not only new to California, but new to Manhattan Beach, so it was important for us to be able to trust an agent. We found Matt's page online and were immediately drawn to his professionalism and style of listings. His enthusiasm was evident even before we met him. As soon as we met Matt and talked with him about our needs he understood us completely. We feel so fortunate to have me Matt.

He was spot on in finding us the perfect house for us. He showed us comps to make us feel at ease with our purchase and gave us extensive background on the market and surrounding areas. Matt's honesty and tenacity is very much appreciated. We're so happy in our new home! We would thoroughly recommend Matt Pernice to find the right home in the best area for you. Shelley Delbridge
Purchased a home in the Sand Section of Hermosa Beach.

We had an opportunity to work with Matt when we purchased a home in Hermosa Beach from him. Matt Pernice is very knowledgeable of the area, creative in resolving issues, stays on top of the transaction and keeps clients informed. We were moving from Orange County to South Bay area to be closer to work. Matt is very knowledgeable of real estate market and was very informative of the South Bay area. This has helped us tremendously in choosing the right area to select our new home. He has been very supportive during the transaction.

We had many issues during the transaction and he came up with many creative ways to resolve the issues. He always stayed on top of the transaction and kept us informed of what is happening during the transaction. In addition, he recommended many people in the area for various services, as we were new to the area, including insurance agent, contractor etc. He has followed up with them to ensure we have received a good customer service. In short, Matt is very responsive person and if you are looking for a new home in the area then he would be a very good resource to have on your side. Ketan and Chetan Resham
Words CANNOT describe how superb Matt Pernice is as a professional realtor that delivers top-notch first class service! I have worked with Matt on quite a few purchase and sale transactions and can attest to his ability as an agent. He is a very aggressive advocate for his clients and literally works day and night to make sure everything is happening on time.

He is honest, professional, punctual, always informative and has a lot of positive energy, which is exactly what everyone should be looking for in a Realtor. Not to mention an expert in his area of Manhattan beach. I give Matt a 6 out 5 stars for excellence and highly recommend him for all your real estate needs. Ray Reyhani
Represented us on ocean front listing for $8,650,000.

What a GREAT experience it was working with Matt. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone! His knowledge of real estate, his ability to negotiate and his calm and professional demeanor made us feel as if we were in the right hands...AND we were right! PKCTY
Matt was my agent for the purchase of a duplex in Manhattan Beach. He constantly provided knowledgeable guidance and great advice throughout the process, including advice on negotiating with the seller, financing, and a contractor to complete a few improvements after the purchase.

Everyone Matt recommended was top notch. Matt was always quick to respond, including nights and weekends. When I had questions, he was more than willing to go through everything with me. When sticking points arose in the deal, Matt was the one who held everything together.

I definitely hope to work with Matt again, and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a Realtor. Scott Williamson
Represented us on a purchase of a Manhattan Beach townhouse for $1,925,000.

My husband and I have rented beach homes for over 20 years up and down the California coast, and for the last 5 years we have been smitten with Hermosa/Manhattan Beach. We found it very difficult to find exactly what we wanted in a home to accommodate our family. I persisted this year in looking for our own home on line and came across Matt Pernice’s website. It was exactly what I was looking for, all of the information and pictures I could look at without registering. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I finally called Matt to get some information on a home, and that is all it took. His knowledge of the Hermosa/Manhattan Beach area was unsurpassed! He knew every area, street, home, and what was worth looking at, and what wasn’t. He saved me a ton of time by just one conversation. I was very persistent on finding the right home since this has been a dream of mine for my entire life. It took a few months, but we finally found the right property in the right area and in the right price range. The property was not listed at the time but Matt knew the owners and went to them with an offer and they accepted it. Through the entire process Matt Pernice was trying to direct me to the area of Manhattan/Hermosa that was best suited for my needs and my future investment.

On the other hand I would look at a picture and think it was one thing and with his knowledge of the area saved me from purchasing a property that would not benefit us in the long run. This was very helpful mostly due to the fact that I lived out of town and I was trying to purchase this property site unseen. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to purchase or sell their property in the area. Matt lives there, knows the area well, he truly believes in Manhattan/Hermosa Beach and has a deep passion for what he does for a living, buying and selling real state. Thank you Matt for helping to make my dream come true! Jonette and Alex
Represented us on a Manhattan Beach walk street purchase for $2,675,000.
Real Estate is no longer the easy business it once was. Matt put in a lot of time and creative effort to helping us get our dream home. Since our search was about a beach house with a view he was well educated and knew every view from each house on the market and did not waste our time looking at dead end possibilities.

He also went above and beyond by taking countless phone calls and emails while waiting to have multiple issues to turn around, which in the end they did. He was careful in seeing that our contract was correct and closing went smoothly. Thank you Matt for assisting us into this new lifestyle and look forward to building new memories at the beach in MB. We love it here!! Dr. & Mrs Kelley
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